Teeter gets sworn in as 1st District Commissioner

Theo Tate

Dave Teeter reads the Oath of Allegiance while getting sworn in as 1st District Commissioner on Dec. 31.  THEO TATE PHOTO

Dave Teeter was excited when he became the first of six Montgomery County officeholders getting sworn in at the Montgomery County Courthouse at 9 a.m. on Dec. 31.

The former public school teacher is taking over duties as 1st District Commissioner. He’ll replace Rich Daniels, who retired after 20 years.

“I was sworn in as president of a couple of boards and different things that I was part of,” Teeter said. “But this is a little more official capacity swearing-in ceremony. It’s something that you look forward to. Now that day has come, the real work will be laid on our shoulders to continue what John (Noltensmeyer), Rich and (presiding commissioner) Ryan (Poston) have done up to this point and we’ll go from there.”

Teeter was elected 1st District Commissioner after winning the three-person race by almost 1,000 votes in the August primary election. He ran unopposed in the November general election.

“Honestly, it’s an honor to be elected to a position like this, but it’s also a humbling experience to think that a person has a lot of responsibility that has to be fulfilled,” Teeter said. “I’m taking the place of a couple of really good guys (Daniels and Noltensmeyer) on the commission who are walking away and leaving the county probably in better shape than it probably was when they took over.”

At the swearing-in ceremony, Teeter read and signed an Oath of Allegiance. Second District Commissioner Doug Lensing was the next to get sworn in, followed by Sheriff Craig Allison, Public Administrator Ann Scarlet, Coroner David Colbert and Surveyor Larry Bade.

Teeter said he enjoyed seeing Daniels and Noltensmeyer embrace each other after receiving plaques from Poston for their longtime service to the community. Noltensmeyer retired as 2nd District Commissioner after 20 years.

“You can tell over the last few weeks that emotions became a little stronger for them because they had to deal with things in terms of financial and a lot of crucial decisions and some hard decisions to make that weren’t always maybe popular for some people to understand,” Teeter said. “They had to weather that storm together. Obviously, they’ve become very close friends as a result of all of that. I think as commissioners, you do a lot of things together in meetings and outside of meetings and different communications they had with each other.”

Teeter worked over 30 years in the education field, most of them were at the Montgomery County R-II School District. He retired in 2017.

For the last several months, Teeter teamed up with Lensing to become part of an advisory committee to assist the Montgomery County Commission with the administration of CARES Act funds.

“I think they (the Boonslick Regional Planning Commission) really bent over backwards to let Doug and I be informed as to what has been going on for the last few months, especially since the election in November,” Teeter said. “We’ve been attending meetings regularly. We’re a lot more familiar with responsibilities in some of the concerns, some of the positive things and some of the things that we have to look at more seriously that will make this job a little more easier to do, just simply having that background information that they’ve been so good to let us be a part of it.”



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