New resale shop opens for business

Theo Tate

Jonesburg resident Steve Dosenbach is the owner of Your Hometown Resale Shop at 213 Sturgeon in Montgomery City.  THEO TATE PHOTO

After a two-month delay, Your Hometown Resale Shop was open for business in May.

Ever since then, the new store at 213 Sturgeon in Montgomery City has been pretty popular.

“You couldn't believe how many people came in,” owner Steve Dosenbach said.

The shop has drawn customers from not only Montgomery County, but from the Lake of the Ozarks and communities such as Hermann and Mexico.

“It’s been fantastic,” said Dosenbach, who lives in Jonesburg.

The shop, which is open from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday, sells furniture, appliances, clothes and sporting goods. No donations are accepted.

“The furniture is selling out as fast as I can bring it in,” Dosenbach said. “Apparently, I got enough knick knacks for the women to buy and I also got a men's section, which is rare for a resale shop. It has sporting goods and tools. I got electric wheelchairs, regular wheelchairs and walkers for the handicapped. I got risers for washing machines. It's like a one-stop shop.”

The store also has a section for children, which sells toys and DVDs.

Your Hometown Resale Shop was scheduled to open in March before the coronavirus pandemic halted those plans.

“We came back in the first or second week of May and it has been fantastic with the people,” Dosenbach said.

The owner said if any items in the store are not sold within three months, he’ll donate them.

“We had a store in St. Charles,” he said. “Every three months if it (an item) didn't sell, we give it to the church or Goodwill or a needy cause. We get rid of a lot of stuff. That way, we can rebring our inventory in and everybody has new stuff to look at. It's been working fantastic.”

Dosenbach said he first got interested in working in consignment shops after his friends ran a store in St. Charles called Garvey Decor years ago.

“Garvey Decor lasted for about nine years,” he said. “One of the twin sisters got tired and said she was done (running it). They wanted to close it up anyway because the orthodonist was in the upstairs building. His wife ran a resale shop downstairs. So I get furniture and stuff in auctions and I bring it back and I fix it and clean it up or refinish it or whatever and put it in the shop and sell it that way. That went for nine years and they shut it down. The orthodonist donated the basement to the church, so we could have a resale shop down there and I ran it for them.”

After that building was sold, Dosenbach found a building at 213 Sturgeon and decided to open a shop there. 

“I put (the items) in storage for a couple or three months and this lease opened up,” Dosenbach said. “I've seen it and I liked it. I liked the people and signed the lease for the year.” 


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