Allison begins duties as county sheriff

Theo Tate

New Montgomery County Sheriff Craig Allison reads the Oath of Allegiance while county clerk Kathy Hancock looks on during the swearing-in ceremony on Dec. 31. THEO TATE PHOTO

Craig Allison is no stranger to Montgomery County Sheriff swearing-in ceremonies.

During his 25 years with the sheriff’s department, the Middletown resident saw three people get sworn in as county sheriff.

“I didn’t see Sheriff John Whyte get sworn in, but I was here for Steve Myers, I was here for Bob Davis several times and I was here for Matt Schoo,” Allison said.

On the morning of Dec. 31, Allison was sworn in as the new sheriff by county clerk Kathy Hancock at the Montgomery County Courthouse. He’s taking over duties for Schoo, who retired after 30 years in the sheriff’s department.

“It’s pretty exciting,” said Allison, who worked asthe chief deputy before becoming sheriff. “I’m honestly ready to get to work. We’ve been doing a lot already that we’ll probably be talking about over the next month. I’m ready to get to work and get to it.”

Dave Teeter (1st District Commissioner), Doug Lensing (2nd District Commissioner), Ann Scarlet (Public Administrator), David Colbert (Coroner) and Larry Bade (Surveyor) also were sworn in at the ceremony. Assessor Jerome Overkamp didn’t attend.

Allison read and signed the Oath of Allegiance before getting a round of applause from numerous people at the courthouse. He said he was thrilled that several of his family members attended the ceremony.

“My family is very supportive,” the new sheriff said.

Schoo, who worked as sheriff for four years, wasn’t at the ceremony. Ten days before, Schoo presented Allison with the Distinguished Service Award for his long tenure at the sheriff’s department.

“It was surreal when Sheriff Schoo had to go to Florida because his mom had hip surgery,” Allison said. “When I walked into the office for the first time, I knew he wasn’t going to be there. That’s when it was surreal. I felt like all of the weight of the world was on my shoulders. But he’s only a phone call away, so it’s all good.”

Allison won the sheriff’s race at the primary election on Aug. 4, beating Thomas Mayes by 1,008 votes. He ran unopposed in the November general election and finished with 5,140 votes.

During his tenure at the sheriff’s department, Allison served in the patrol division for 13 years and the major case squad and upper level administration for the past 12. Allison’s goals as sheriff are planning to make the sheriff’s office more accessible, responsive and active in the county, ensuring the officers share the values and vision of the sheriff’s office and being more active in drug enforcement. 

“We have a lot of things that we’re already bringing into the table that I will be talking about over the next month and I’ll leave it at that,” Allison said. “But we have a lot of things going on. About the only things that we still got to do are getting our offices moved and getting everybody situated into our new positions. When I got elected, Sheriff Schoo was kind of enough to go ahead and let us start doing our things. Since then, we’ve done a lot.”



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